Greece is one of those countries where you just KNOW the food is going to be fantastic, from the beginning of your trip, until the end.  No doubt, like many other European countries, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a fancy hotel like the Grande Britaine (see my earlier posts) or a roadside pit stop cafe like Athramis (see earlier posting), the price tag of the meal reflects little of its tastiness.  Greece has delicious delicacies at every corner of the country.

Other than my fabulous favorites – frappe and tiropita (Greek cold coffee and cheese pie – again, see older posts!), there is few other food items to crave while in Greece besides a good ‘xoriatiki’ (village salad) and arni sto fourno (lamb from a wood fire pit). When it’s hot (which is most of the time in Greece), a xoriatiki salad is the ultimate.  I think I’m biasted to this Greek-salad-in-Greece mentality because the feta is so perfect in its homeland. NOTHING compares to the freshest ingredients of real, Greek feta, locally pressed olive oil, paired with the freshest tomatoes and cucumbers.  All you need with that winning combo is a  huge chunk of fresh baked bread to soak up all the ‘zumi’ at the bottom of the bowl and you are in heaven!

For a heartier meal, lamb and potatoes cooked over a fire pit hits the spot! Again, you can get this all over Greece, from small taverns to big cities, rural village townsquares to downtown Athens.  The picture below is from a small cafe outside ancient Mistras – just a simple place, but I won’t soon forget the perfect lamb we had there.  Not sure why, but when that plane lands in the US, it’s hard to get it as good as in Greece!


Sunsets are great almost anywhere, but in Greece, sunsets are famous.  This is the best time of day. In Vassara, sunset comes with anticipated excitement. A calm peace hums with happiness as the village rises up on the brink of evening interlude.  After the European style siesta, or “mesimeri” as we say in Greek, a sweet cup of hot Greek coffee (you know how I feel about my coffee…check earlier posts!) greets you from a midday rest. It’s time to play.

Sunset, therefore, brings the second part, the best part of the day. Evening strolls, visits with friends in the town square (platia), laughs and drinks with good ‘parea’ under a blanket of stars. Nightlife in Greece is what we wait for all day.  A beautiful rising moon comes up from behind the mountains of Parnonas in bright orange with undertones of pink. As it rises, the moon turns bright white, and sits embedded in the stars that behold the glowing ball.  Sunset begins such magic.  This is my favorite picture of sunset in Vassara, my favorite place to see the sun go to sleep, and the big, beautiful moon rise in all its glory. Enjoy.