The Other Side of Paradise

November 28, 2012

As an addendum to Everyone Has a Place, (see previous post entry) here are some beautiful photos of the other side of the cliff in Vassara.  If you were to walk to the edge, and for a moment, can take your eyes off of the gorgeous adjacent hills, turn around. This is what you’d see. Truly, the other side of my paradise.


On one end, the gorgeous green hills, rolling mountaintop after mountaintop creative the vast, majestic area that is Parnonas, only to be equally enchanting by the carpeting of clay roofs that create a different sort of horizon – where Vassara’s town meets the heavens.  What a perspective to see of this magical place, home to generations dating back hundreds of years. Can you hear the voices of the past calling?  In the quiet of an afternoon when the rest of the town sleeps for siesta, come up here and listen. You will be surprised by what the ancients tell you.

Stay tuned for more……………….


November 25, 2012

Just a side note from our travels to Greece, I hope everyone enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving. Love for Greece and its beauty has opened the hearts of many, especially mine.  I am so thankful for all that this enchanting place has brought to my life.  Currently putting the final touches on the last chapter of my latest novel, a prequel to Seasons of Sun.  Finishing just as 2012 ends, and hoping to have it out in 2013. More updates to come, and of course, more fabulous pics and travel entries of Greece.

Everyone Has a Place….

November 13, 2012

Everyone has a place. A place to think. A place to hide. A place to reach the real you. A place to ‘figure it all out.’  This is mine. High on a hill in Vassara, this flattened rock has the best view, the best fresh air, the best everything.  During the early morning or late afternoons, coming up here changes everything….especially your viewpoint on whatever you just left behind.  While breezes whip across the mountainsides, all you hear in the silence is your own thoughts and there is no greater peace.  It’s a place I run to, as soon as I set foot in the village.  The photos don’t do it justice, because when you’re up there, you feel like you’re on the edge of the world and looking out onto the cyprus and evergreens, you realize each and every time the majesty of creation, the endless possibilities to those who dream, and simplistic beauty of nature.

As an entirely different experience at night, up here, the sky is full of stars, and if you’re lucky enough to be present on a night of a full moon, you’ll see the great orange ball rise up from behind an adjacent hill, climbing high into the sky as it turns yellow, then white by the time it reaches a resting place.  I’ve written many a poem and short story of this place….and it’s a strong setting in the first few chapters of Seasons of Sun.  But despite all of that, it’s my special place.  Everyone has one…………this one is unforgettable.

A Room with a View

November 2, 2012

Here’s a few more pics of the fabulous view from a room at Castello Antico, the hotel I wrote about in earlier postings that is located just past Gythion.  A perfect reminder of summer’s warmth on a cold, day in November.  Keep this place in mind for a visit next year – you wont regret it. Stay tuned for more postings that with carry our hearts over the winter, through the cold and snow as we anticipate summer’s return. More to come!