When this is your view as you wash a load of whites, how can you complain about doing laundry?


Sure, we sacrifice some amenities staying in the village – air conditioning, for example. Yet I find it amazing how even in the peak of August’s test of temperature, the high altitude winds whip across the town square and seldom make us miss the artificial cool of air conditioning.  As the houses are built of stone, with three feet thick walls, cooling off is rarely a problem.  Television? Most houses have the best and newest available. Even my cousin Taki’s “Rythmos Cafe” boasts a huge flat screen where the town gathers to cheer Greece’s soccer team to victory. But honestly – there’s little need for television entertainment in a place where human interaction is a 24/7 ‘real’ version of ‘reality tv.’  No one walks the streets without being greeted. Newcomers are asked ‘who do you belong to?’ followed by a smile, a hug, and most often a quick genealogy lesson on how your relatives are related to their relatives, making you, of course, family.

Laundry? No need for dryers, that’s for sure. An otherwise tedious task of hanging clothes out to dry on my uncle’s balcony along a stretched out clothesline turns into a treasured time of solace late afternoon. This is the view as I hang my whites to dry. The clothes will be ready in about 30 minutes, again thanks to the whipping winds that cross Parnonas. Thankfully, my uncle has a washing machine – making the ‘washing’ part of doing laundry a breeze.

But  how can you go wrong here? Without fail, every time the hour arrives to collect the laundry, I find myself staring across the mountains as they roll up and over one another. Shaded colors of green blanket over the hills, the fresh mountain air smells better than any artificial laundry detergent scent.  Basic living is beautiful. Beats the heck out of a laundry room in a basement back home!