Just a glimpse….

March 7, 2013

For those of you who enjoyed my debut novel, Seasons of Sun, page 5 gives a glimpse into the prequel coming soon.  I hope you will journey back in time with me to meet “Anastasios,” otherwise known as Tasso.  More to come……

Excerpt from Chapter One of Seasons of Sun

Page 5

Past the kitchen stood a small tool room with a door that led out to the abandoned chicken coop.  I liked to go back there every now and then and look at the decaying building, sill untouched from the time my mother’s father, Anastasios, was alive.  I imagined him inside the tiny, white-stoned structure, collecting chicken eggs from the chickens and brining his yield to Yiayia.  For some reason, I felt his presence there more than anywhere else in our Magoula home.  The chicken coop was the only edifice left alone since his death.  Standing near the tattered, old shack was the closest I could feel to a man I never knew, in a place he left long ago.”