Summer is creeping up on us, and with that, thoughts of Greece, thoughts of the sea, sand and sun  surface in our minds.  To ‘go’ or ‘not to go’ is the inevitable question that has hung over my head on a consistent basis since I was a kid. Whether the ticket prices are a lot or a little, whether getting away is convenient or not, I believe, as I’ve said so many times before, that part of our spirit stays in Vassara, waiting for us to return. For it is there that we are truly ‘complete.’

My ‘thia’ (aunt)  is freshening up the painted flowers that mark a concrete walkway, leading from the village road to her house filled with love, dirty jokes, and the finest baked Greek sweets this side of the Aegean. She’s putting the briki over high heat, and spreading a new tablecloth bought from gypsies last September.  Her wooden door is open, leaving the unlocked screen the only barrier between a flower filled courtyard, and the most loving kitchen in the world, where the  problems of the world can be settled any afternoon over a cup of coffee at her kitchen table.  She smiles.  She serves.  We laugh, and occasionally, cry together.  A visit with her makes time pause for a memory I’ll carry with me long after I’m gone from the village.  My thia’s kitchen….one of the many hidden enchanting corners within the enchanting village of Vassara.

Travel along with me this summer as I take you to many of them………………….more to come.