October 28, 2013

I wrote this poem nearly two decades ago, but it still holds true. Thank you www.Vassara-verrioa.com  for keeping my words on the cover of your the Vassara page link on your website.  I am honored.


Our home away.

So far across the world you breathe.

Strong and beautiful

Never changing.


Our ideal paradise

Your hills tell a thousand years of history echoing the voices of generations past.

You hold our ancestry. You hold our hearts.

You hold our promise to return.


Your charming streets lead to houses full of memories,

Faces time cannot erase.

We see our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents.

Agia Triatha, standing firm to proclaim, “We are here!”


The essence of who we are and who we want to be

As descendants, we are proud.  We are strong

Carrying your spirit within our souls.

No other place is quite the same.

No other village nearly so sweet.


Our first love

Our first home

Our most desired place on Earth.