Euripidis Pelagos's photo.

Without shopping malls, without hustle and bustle, Christmas day rings in joyfully, deep in the hills of Parnonas with more similarity to Dr. Suess’ Whoville than anywhere else.  I can’t help but think of the village of Vassara every time I watch the famous children’s tale, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and see the pure-hearted souls  that live in a town where the focus of the holiday remains steadfast on what matters – faith, family, togetherness, and the celebration of Christ’s birth.  At the end of the movie, the Whos stand together joined hand in hand forming a large circle in what is the ‘platia’ or village square of Whoville, and as a group they sing the praises of the day.

Similarly  now, everyone is gathering, coming  from Athens or Sparta or even further. They fill the homes of their loved ones and stay well past the New Year to celebrate the Epiphany in January.   Vassareans will party and sing, eat and be merry without half of the fuss, as they spend “Xristouyenna” with open hearts, togetherness and love……just like the Whos.

Merry Christmas everyone, from our large cities to the furthest corners of Vassara, where we can send Christmas cards addressed with just a relative’s name, followed by Vassara, Sparta (closest big city) and Lakonias (province) written on the envelope. Everyone knows everyone there, so rest assured the cards are promptly delivered in this enchanting village where the streets have no name.

Kala Xristouyenna / Merry Christmas everyone!