Wonderful news today regarding Seasons of Sun! My debut novel has led me to be nominated by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library for the 2014 “Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Project.” From the very beginning, this incredible, 5-star award-winning library has facilitated, encouraged and supported my writing. Seasons of Sun would have never happened without them! Heartfelt gratitude always!

Here is a wonderful article regarding the project from the Chicago Tribune:


So it begins…2014.  Time to celebrate with a special bread called ‘Vasilopita!’


This bread or sometimes cake is enjoyed by many to welcome in the new year and bestow good luck upon the winner of a hidden coin that is baked into the cake.  The winning receiver of the coin is thrilled to find the lucky trinket in his or her cut piece of Vasilopita, and is said to have good fortune throughout the new year.  Surely many loaves of Vasilopita are being cut all over Vassara and across Greece to celebrate the holiday.  “Lucky’ are those who find themselves returning to the village come summertime!  Happy New Year to all!