A Visit to Parori – home of real spring water!

September 30, 2015

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With so many charming stops in the Peloponesse, Parori still stands out as a favorite. I’ve been visiting this little village since 1975, and each and every time I am charmed by the majestic mountains where freezing cold fresh spring water continues to flow.  A natural wonder for sure, I’m taken aback each time by the sound of the rushing waters as they hit the moss covered rocks below.  Bring your empty canisters, bottles and jugs. This is a stop you won’t want to miss.  With several restaurants next to each other, find the one that serves “pagoto” ( ice cream ) because more likely than not, it’s a hot, hot day.

Cats meander under the tables looking for scraps and don’t be surprised if a water fight breaks out between children (I speak from experience).  This refreshing town is a must do, and a quick few minutes drive from the center of Sparta.


Coming up…more beautiful towns near Mount Tayetos, beautiful Naufplion, the ancient sites in Athens, and of course, our beloved village of Vassara!

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