Renewed Eyes

January 16, 2016

It’s all about the sunglasses, purple and pink, purchased for five euro at the ocean side kiosk after I stepped on the nice American pair bought especially for our trip. They became a symbol of our vacation with colorful hues that didn’t match any outfit in my suitcase.   The whimsical style made me smile every time I put them on. My son but a similar pair in green and black and my daughter’s pair came in blue with small pink flowers on the sides. The three of us wore them in unison everywhere we went, taking selfies, celebrating our ‘Summer in Greece’ look. I wear them now the thick of winter, and through the lenses I see an American landscape frozen over in ice and snow, wishing we were still in Naufplion,  that tourist beach town we visited for the day, walking the charming ancient, vendor-filled streets, buying candy and fresh filo cheese pies, stopping at the confectionary to guess what each glass bowl contained, and not really caring as each of us filled our own clear plastic back with sugared mysteries we had never seen in the States; gummy frogs and chocolate covered berries. Buying iced coffees to cool off after lunch, lazily passing the day, I knew we’d cherish our excursion, a golden, glorious days in the sun, wearing our shades. Through them I see life more beautifully – full of optimism, fond memories, and above all, high hopes for tomorrow’s trips in similar fashion.